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Biography and Discography


Ruslana Lyzhychko was born in L'viv, a regional center in western Ukraine. Since she was four years old, she studied at an experimental music school and sang in a band. The microphone was her first toy. She learnt the notes earlier than the letters. Her brightest childhood memories are connected to her experiences on stage. It was then when it was determined for sure that she will dedicate all of her life to music. When Ruslana graduated from the conservatory, she obtained two educational qualifications in the field of music as a piano player and a symphonic orchestra conductor.

Ruslana's father is from the west-Ukrainian place of the Hutsuls; the dwellers of the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. They have an unique culture with an ancient and rich history which inspired Ruslana to create her song "Wild Dances". "The origin of the Hutsuls is the mystery of Eastern Europe". After Ruslana conducted her own expeditions to the mountains with ethnographers, musicians, designers, jewelry makers and craftsmen, she based her overall show on surprising and sometimes mystical rituals, traditions, motives, which were preserved in the Land of the Hutsuls throughout the centuries since pre-Christian times.

Her style is hard to define but it can be called "drive-ethno-dance". Powerful and permeating ethnic drums are combined with modern dance beats. The "hey" exclamations sound like military cries accompanied by heavy feet and whip blows against the floor. Heavy distortion guitars are combined with the famous Hutsul voice vibration. The trumpet patterns, which are played in the Hutsul-Moldavian manner, go together with the trembitas (an ancient Hutsul music instrument).

The song "Wild Dances" brought Ruslana the victory on Eurovision Song Contest 2004 and entered dozens of European music charts. It is a bright personification of the new style of Ruslana. The English version of the album
"Dyki Tantsi" was released in Europe in fall 2004 with the exactly translated name: "Wild Dances".


1998 - "Myt' Vesny" / "Dzvinkyi Viter (live)"
2003 -
Dyki Tantsi" onmouseover="window.status" >Dyki Tantsi
2004 - Wild Dances" onmouseover="window.status" >Wild Dances