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 Two concerts in two countries within two days! On December 17, Ruslana performed in Minsk, Belarus, at the gala concert "Zvezdnyi Delezhans". She sang her explosive hits "Heart on Fire", "Wild Dances" and "The Same Star". The next day Ruslana visited Vilnius, Lithuania, to perform at a charity concert. All gathered funds were transferred to homeless children and orphans. This concert was broadcasted by VIASAT-3 channel. Ruslana met her friends Linas and Simona, the participants of Eurovision 2004, to perform the song "Fight for Love and Freedom" together with them. During her visit to this country, Ruslana participated in well-known TV programs and had a small photo session in a national Lithuanian dress.
Ruslana has been awarded with the "Golden ringtone". Today, in presence of the Ukrainian mass media, the representatives of the record and publishing companies and the leading mobile operators of Ukraine, the "Golden ringtone" has been awarded. It is the first award for the volumes of the licensed mobile phones melodies sold in Ukraine in the history of the Ukrainian show business, publishing and content providing. The first "Golden ringtone" has been awarded to Ruslana for "Ring Dance with the wolves", which sold more than 15.000 copies.
"The same star" and "Dance with the wolfes" singles reach TOP 50 in the Flanders
The concert of Ruslana which has taken place in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, was on invitation of the European Parliament. Ruslana has given several interviews during her visit. She met Goedele Liekens, a well-known Belgian TV host, in particular. Goedele is the author of the documentary series "Strong women" and Ruslana, as a spokesman of the campaign against human trafficking in Ukraine, discussed with Goedele the ways out.
Ruslana is going to accompany Ukraine's president Victor Yushchenko in London on October 17, who will be awarded at a reception with the queen. The award, the "Chatham House Prize", is for the individual deemed to have made the most significant contribution to the improvement of international relations last year. Victor Yushchenko was chosen as the first recipient of the new award because he demonstrated considerable courage and skills in steering a peaceful process of political changes in Ukraine.

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